Liberty Verve

Liberty Verve

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Hebel on the first floor

When we approved our original construction drawings we were told Metricon only do EPS cladding on first floor elevations. We've since found from other people building with Metricon on the HomeOne forum that they can in fact do Hebel on the first floor too; although it's more difficult to lift it up there to install. We asked our Site Manager and CSC if it was possible to replace the EPS cladding with Hebel. It was a long shot as we were already in the construction phase, the ground floor had already been done.

Amazingly, they have approved Hebel to the first floor, sent us a variation and redrawn the plans! All for a pretty reasonable $3700, which is fair as Hebel is an expensive, but superior, building material. Very pleased with Metricon, they've been flexible and reasonable and really want us to have the best home possible.

Different perspective with the scaffold up;

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